Our Focus

The mission of Mountain View Montessori Charter School (MVMCS) is to provide a child-centered learning environment consistent with Dr. Maria Montessori’s (b. 1870-d. 1952) vision for students, in transitional kindergarten through the sixth grade. In the early 1900s, Dr. Montessori envisioned a system of education whereby students, motivated by their own innate desire for knowledge, become life-long learners. Since 1907, her educational theories have been proven successful in schools worldwide and with students with a variety of backgrounds and abilities. This legacy continues in the 21st century through schools such as MVMCS.

Key Characteristics of Mountain View's program:
  • Instruction which emphasizes students working independently and being responsible for their learning
  • “Hands on” learning through multi-sensory instructional materials (more emphasis in TK-3)
  • Active learning during work periods
  • An environment which encourages self-discipline and being responsible for one’s actions
  • Multi-cultural education and community service
  • Multi-age groupings (two grades) within one class